John Van G Make Up

John Van G Range The internationally renowned make up collection has set the standard by offering a complete make up range that is regularly updated with the seasons. Using natural and pure ingredients, John van G sets the trend with glamorous and exciting lines such as Just Glamour lip gloss and an enviable range of mascaras.

The core products of lipsticks, foundations, eyeliners and others continues to impress all who use them with the quality of formulation, attractive presentation and excellent value for money.

John Van G Compact
At the heart of the range is the unique and versatile modular colour system. Each colour is presented in a magnet backed "block" that simply clicks into a compact of your choice. Change you colours at will according to the seasons or occasions, it's that simple!

The importance of make up foundation should not be underestimated. The correct choice is essential to getting the perfect flawless finish over which to apply your make up. John van G leaves nothing to chance here with every skin colour and type accounted for. From the "silky matt" foundation to the convenient and versatile "double finish" you can be certain that John van G will deliver the perfect finish for you.

Price List

    • Compact and 2 eye shadows
    • Compact and 3 eye shadows
    • Compact and 8 eye shadows
    • Compact, 6 eye shadows and 1 blusher
    • Individual eye shadows
    • Lip gloss
    • Lipstick
    • Soft Touch Foundation
    • Natural Concealer
    • Coverstick
    • Mascara
    • Blusher
    • Blusher Compact
    • Brow Powder
    • Brow Compact
    • Eye Liner
    • Lip Liner
    • Loose Powder
    • Powder Compact
    • £17.95
    • £24.95
    • £56.95
    • £52.90
    • £6.00
    • £10.95
    • £11.95
    • £22.50
    • £16.50
    • £10.95
    • £11.95
    • £7.95
    • £12.50
    • £7.95
    • £12.50
    • £7.95
    • £7.95
    • £15.50
    • £17.50

We can order make up for next day delivery for £3.50. Come into the salon to find out more.